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A Boutique Employment Agency
Dedicated to
Training, Coaching and Placing Professional Household Staff 
Specifically for those 55 and older, and often as an      alternative to Assisted Living        

"The mission of my heart is to bring people together- people seeking meaningful work with those who wish to live the best versions of their lives"- Vicky Horner                                                                                                    

To those seeking a Butler / Household Manager position or Training      
I want to give you some encouragement.  There are good jobs out there for people of integrity, for people who are reliable, steady and true and who care about others.  If you are the kind of person who enjoys the good feeling that comes from helping people, if you like creating and managing a comfortable home, there are people anxiously looking for you.  
  • There are busy empty-nesters who could use your help with household management and occasional entertaining. 
  • Widows and widowers need you because they have found that managing alone isn’t easy. 
  • Working daughters looking after their parents need your help. 
  • And now, more than ever, older adults are hiring private staff in order to stay in their own homes to avoid living with their children or moving into congregate housing. 

I believe the good position you are seeking is also seeking you. 

Navigating a job change can be stressful.  I want your experience with us to be encouraging and supportive.  You will have easy access to me and my staff by phone and email and through Facebook.   

At the Freeman-Rose Agency you are as welcome as our clients.  I know that idea is a bit unconventional in today’s market, but it is an important part of our business mission.     

Take a bit of time now to look around the website.  You can submit your resume by clicking on the tab above. If you would like to know more about becoming a Butler or Household Manager, you should read this article.    

Your success is important to me.  I have worked as a Nurse’s Aide, a Home Health Aide, a hospital and long-term care Nurse and also as a Personal Assistant.  I have been in management and have run my own business.  I understand what it takes to be of service to another.  And now, I look forward to serving you!

 “For those with a heart to serve…we honor and appreciate you. We hold you in high esteem.” Vicky Horner

For Households seeking help

Tell me how I can help.  Your needs are different from my earlier client’s so I need to hear your story.  Do you need help in your home,  or are you concerned about your parents?  Both you say?  I know just what you mean.  :)

I understand that a house can suddenly seem too big, that chores and maintenance get left undone and that safety is a big issue.  Things can quickly get out of hand.  If you are trying to manage everything yourself, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point too.

It takes time and money and a good amount of research to recruit and thoroughly vet an appropriate candidate.  We provide these services for you and we also train or test the candidates before we present them to you. To us, the candidates are more than names and applications.  We’ve taken the time to get to know them before we introduce them to you.  We work hard to make a great match for you so that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

I urge you to contact me today.  Let's talk about your situation.  The recruiting takes time so please do not wait until a crisis has happened.  A hospital stay could mean recovering in a long term care facility instead of in the comforts of home.  It's always smart to be prepared. This article will tell you about the level of service expected from a Butler or Household Manager.