The Freeman-Rose Agency was established in 2011 by Vicky and Mark Horner. It is the couple's second business dedicated to

"The Happiness of Seniors and their Families"

The Agency was named to honor their grandparents


The first senior business my husband and I had was a “Bed and Breakfast” style Assisted Living home.  We employed a staff of 10 dedicated employees to help us care for as many as 14 residents in our remodeled and expanded ranch-style home.  We lived and worked there for four years before selling the business to another senior-loving couple.  I still serve as an adviser to the home. You can click here to learn more about  Ashley Manor Assisted Living.


We created The Freeman-Rose Agency at “My Mother’s Butler.com” to help seniors have what they have told me over the years that they really want:  The ability to live the lifestyle they choose, in the home that they love; in the home they have spent years creating for themselves.   I believe most anyone can remain at home by employing good in-house staff and having a plan.


Having house staff is not a new idea.  But having loyal house staff trained with a focus on the Mature-Lifestyle we believe, is an idea whose time has come. 


We bring our unique skills to the agency to train, test and thoroughly screen candidates so that you can choose from the best candidates in the business.  We handle the recruitment, coordination of background checks and pre-employment tests.  We pre-screen and pre-interview to make sure you are getting candidates who meet your specific criteria.  Our staff will manage all the administrative work; you simply choose the personality that fits best in your home.


You can count on us for support, tools and tips for as long as your staff is with you. We offer interviewing tips, on-boarding suggestions and will guide you to ensure you are following all the employment laws in your state.  We are committed to helping you have a worry-free relationship with your Household Staff.




To tell you a bit about my work history; my first job after graduating high school was working as a Nursing Assistant in a nursing home.  I loved that job!  I knew I wanted to make working with older folks a career, so in 1981 I became an LPN.  I worked in our local hospital for four years before returning to long-term care where I held a number of positions, including Assistant Director of Nursing (in the days when an LPN could do that).   In 1990 I completed a “Train-the-Trainer” program and began training nursing assistants to be come STNAs. 


It was around 1987 that the “Assisted Living” concept began to take hold in our area.  I loved the idea!  When the Nurse Manager position was posted for the Assisted Living unit at the Retirement Community where I worked, I applied and got the position.  I later took on the added responsibility of coordinating the “in-home” services for the senior apartments in that same Retirement Community.


In 1995 I decided to try something new.  I was hired and specially trained in wound care by a national Medical Equipment company.  I served as a nurse-consultant to Visiting Nurses who were treating patients at home with severe pressure wounds.  When the company phased out their home care division I was left wondering what to do next.  I took the marketing skills I had developed from my previous position and used them to get a marketing position with a national Assisted Living Chain.  I was later recruited and went to work for a family owned retirement community about a year before my husband and I had the opportunity to buy our own Assisted Living home.


While I was running our home, I was asked to teach a class on Elder care through a National Butler Training Institute.  Once we sold the Assisted Living business, I became a contributor to the Butler Institute's newsletter and helped to rewrite and update some of the training materials.  I also began teaching the Manners and Etiquette course and eventually took a full time position with the institute, teaching, managing the office, doing placement consulting and recruiting.   


Life can take some crazy turns but it seems everything I have done in my career has led me to do this thing I am so passionate about.  I believe in dignity and respect for our elders.  I love creating nurturing environments for them.  I believe in excellence in service, good manners and at the end of the day, I believe as Dorothy says: “There’s no place like home”.