What is the difference between a Butler and a Household Manager?

They are essentially the same thing!  The title "Household Manager" is used most often in America where our lifestyles tend to be less formal.  No matter which title is used for the position, the important thing is that it is filled by a person who is dedicated to excellence.  They manage the day to day running of the home and act as a contact person for any contractors coming into the home, such as painters, a lawn service, health care professionals or others.  In addition to managing the home, they do errands, shopping, and chauffeur as needed. This is a person of high integrity, who is sure to become an indispensable part of your family.   

Can you find a Butler for my father?

Of Course!

How about for me?  I could use a Butler!


My mother would never agree to having a Butler.  She isn't at all formal but she could really use some help.  What do you suggest?

The title you use is not as important as defining the job duties you require.  "Household Manager" is a title that is agreeable to many people who need help in their homes. Often people can admit they need help around the house but don't want to admit that they need help personally.  Others may prefer a Personal Assistant or Companion because they want personal attention. We can help you find the staff that would meet your mom's needs and you can give them a title that she is comfortable with.  

So, what exactly does a Household Manager do?

It is different in each home, but the position is just what it sounds like: they manage the operation of the home.  They see that cleaning and maintenance gets done on schedule.  Laundry, meal planning, cooking and shopping can be done by the HM too. They may do these tasks or supervise those who do them, depending on the size of the home.   They manage and coordinate a family calendar, chauffeur, plan events and provide plant and pet care.  They serve as the contact person for vendors and contractors coming into the home.  Examples of these might be a housekeeper, the pool service provider, repairmen, Visiting Nurses, Therapists or other health care providers.  

In some cases they provide personal assistance such as bathing and dressing assistance or medication reminders. 

Again, each home is different.  What you choose to have your Household manager do will be agreed upon based on your specific needs.

How long does it take to hire someone?

There is no hard and fast answer to this question but the short answer is 90 to 120 days.  Once we have your signed contract we will begin recruiting and alert our list of candidates.  We do thorough screening and conduct our own interviews before introducing you to any candidate.  You will want to do several interviews before making an employment offer and the candidate will need to make their personal arrangements before beginning the position. All of these things take time but we will do our best to get someone in place for you as quickly as possible. 

*** If you are thinking of hiring a Household Manager for someone in an effort to keep them out of assisted living or a nursing facility, it is best if you hire someone before you "need" them.  It is my experience that people wait too long to make a decision and the result is they are unprepared when a "crisis" occurs.  Being unprepared can result in a stay in a rehab facility rather than recuperating at home in the case of an illness or accident.

Please call today and tell me about your unique situation.


I look forward to talking with you!